Who we are

K&A Global is an independent consulting firm focused on providing extended market reach to its clients.

What we do

We offer a personalized consumer experience in order to develop our clients’ brands and offer increased customer acquisition.

Why we do it

We are passionate about marketing solutions and delivering top results for our clients, as well as offering exciting opportunities to others.

About Us

K&A Global – Marketing made personal

K&A Global is an independent consulting firm dedicated to innovating marketing strategies as well as broader developmental strategies for our clients. Our specialties include brand development, market acquisition as well as market share management. Through our new partnerships with our clients, K&A has expanded from the beaches of sunny Miami to the home of the deep dish pizza – Chicago.

K&A Global strives to find opportunities for growth for our Fortune 500 clients, as well as securing growth in emerging markets for our partners. The idea of rapid and sustainable growth speaks to the very heart of K&A’s company culture. More specifically, at K&A, we aim to grow rapidly through our new management program aimed at developing individuals with the sharpest entrepreneurial mentality, work ethic and student mentality. These three pillars serve as the cornerstones needed to ensure long-term success.


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Meet the President

Rizi Khan is an African-born investor, business owner, entrepreneur and attorney. He grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and in 1997 he moved to Miami, Florida where he completed college culminating in a quad degree from Florida International University. It was during these years that he became interested in the psychology of law as well as the economics associated with small business.

After graduating with honors, Rizi was accepted to Vanderbilt Law School where he specialized in corporate and transactional law. During this time he focused on improving his public speaking, business acumen, and work ethic. These were the skills he saw as being critical to assuming a leadership role post graduation.

In 2015, Rizi took what many saw as a risky business decision by leaving the legal field and pursing a career in marketing. Against the advice of his colleagues, Rizi decided to jump-start his career from scratch.

“Every great career throughout history has begun with a leap of faith. Waiting for a good time to better your current situation? The stars will never align and the beat of life will never create a perfect rhythm to jumpstart your new life. Life does not conspire against any of us, however it doesn’t go out of its way to line up pins for us either. ‘Someday’ is a disease that plagues all our dreams. If something is important enough for you to do –do it.”

Since joining the marketing industry in late 2015, Rizi has partnered with some of the best minds in the industry and has built his business from the ground up and launched in the heart of the Midwest – Chicago.

“K&A global was founded for the those who are unafraid to follow their dreams and those who are tired of being told that their goals are too large. K&A will always open its doors to the minds that want to dictate life based on their terms.”

Rizi Khan - CEO

Company Goals

Short-Term goals

K&A Global is currently looking to expand into 10 new offices around the greater Chicago area in order to better service all its client accounts. More importantly, the company looks to expand its current client portfolio by concentrating on new and emerging markets across the country.

Mid-Term Goals

K&A is looking to expand its national reach by expanding into all major cities across the United States including – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami.

Long-Term Goals

International emerging markets are a key priority for K&A. By the year 2020, the company aims to expand to major new markets including Dubai, India, China, and Japan.


Whilst a relatively young company K&A Global has a wealth of experience in the marketing industry and a number of talented individuals to represent your firm. Our fast-growing company was born in Miami and has since expanded to Chicago. We aim to expand to 15 new locations by the end of 2017.

Brand Development - 90%

90% Complete

Market Share Management - 80%

80% Complete

Increasing Market Reach - 95%

95% Complete

Customer Acquisition - 90%

90% Complete


K&A Global – What we do for our clients

Brand Development

We work closely alongside our clients in order to develop highly personalized campaigns which accurately reflect your mission statement, purpose, products and services directly to consumers.

Specialized Representatives

You will see the benefit of our talented, experienced marketing representatives who specialize in connecting directly with consumers in order to deliver top results.

Market Acquisition

You will see your market reach expand drastically as we connect with consumers all over the country. By specifically targeting your ideal consumers you will see a rise in customer acquisition.

Lasting Impact

Our marketing methods will have a lasting impact on both your clients and your results. Watch as your consumers are happier and your results grow ever higher.

Brand Awareness

Our marketing campaigns are exclusively designed to target your consumers and make them aware of the fantastic products and services you have on offer. We are spreading the word about your brand.

Customer Service

We understand and respect our duty to represent your brand positively and effectively to consumers, so we commit to exceeding expectations when it comes to engaging with your customers.


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